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How does anyone really know what they are getting when it comes to health care?

Every minute there are 70,000 health-related searches on Google. Patients (and doctors) want credible information. Most doctor reviews and referrals are based on word of mouth or subjective  experiences, not actual results and objective quality standards.

DocLogic™ customized for Polk County Schools is an online search platform, both mobile and desktop, where employees identify top-performing providers, based on real data and grounded in the latest medical research and clinical guidelines.

Employees get doctor-level insights, empowering them to find physicians reliably delivering high-quality care.

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DocLogic assists patients in finding a physician with a high doctor quality score.  Scores are based on rigorously vetted performance data and standards identified by medical experts.  Scores indicate how doctors perform in terms of diagnosis, treatment plans and patient outcomes.

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