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Access the Symptom Checker

Self Care Decisions provides two versions of the symptom checker. Choose the appropriate version below.

Provides specific referrals to the PCPS Health Centers and PCPS Health Plan network of medical providers for care and treatment.
(View the Spanish Self-Checker)

Helps connect users not enrolled in the PCPS insurance plan to facilities and service providers located near them.
(View the Spanish Self-Checker)


  • Provides decision support, especially after health center hours and on weekends
  • Offers a self-service option for patients and parents
  • Directs appropriate actions: if, and when, doctors should be contacted, appointments need to be scheduled or an Urgent Care Facility may be needed, or an ER visit is required
  • The care advice builds self-care skills and offers symptom relief for minor injuries and illnesses

What is the Symptom Checker?

When you need expert medical advice, but the experts are not available, Symptom Checker is here for you.

Powered by Self Care Decisions, Symptom Checker is a self-assessment tool that directs you to the right care at the right time, based upon your symptoms. It helps you determine how sick you are and the most appropriate action to take.  If care is needed, Symptom Checker will connect you with appropriately qualified healthcare providers who partner with your insurance plan. For PCPS employees and dependents, this means savings of both time and money.

Users enter their age and gender to customize their experience. Symptom searches may be conducted via body area, alphabetical index or keyword search.

Symptom Checker contains over 280 symptom care guides (133 adult and 159 pediatric) to assist you with making appropriate decisions on what level of care is needed (if any) and how to provide symptom relief for minor illnesses and injuries at home.  Additionally, Symptom Checker provides dosage tables for common medications, such as allergy and pain relievers, as well as helpful parenting advice in categories such as, family issues, injury prevention, discipline problems, eating and sleeping problems, school-related problems, immunizations and much more.

Is the content reliable and trustworthy?

The Symptom Checker care guides are currently being used by hundreds of healthcare organizations. The content is written by physicians known for clinical protocols. The care guides are derived from the clinical protocols used by physicians and nurses in more than 10,000 practices and 400 nurse advice lines in the US and Canada. These protocols have been tested for 25 years on more than 250 million symptom calls. For more information, see The Evidence behind the Symptom Checker.

The content is rigorously reviewed by panels of healthcare professionals, comprised of:

Primary care physicians

Emergency physicians

Physician specialists

Triage nurses

Specialty nurses

The content is updated annually by the physician authors. If medical information changes during the course of a year (outbreaks, pandemics, new dosages), updates are quickly written and distributed.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Reviewed and Approved
Since 2010, the AAP has used Self Care Decisions’ Pediatric Symptom Checker on their public parenting website. They also asked Self Care Decisions to develop the official AAP Symptom Checker Apps.

Does Symptom Checker store or track my personal information?

No, Symptom Checker does not track or store any personal user data.

For full details regarding Self Care Decision’s privacy policy, visit one of the Symptom Checker websites, select “Help” from the sidebar menu, and then select the “Privacy Policy” option.